longer, thicker, stronger!

Channel ten lost ys at 7pm a couple of months ago when the plunged into big brother. Where could I go? That half hour can be pretty barren. I ended up watching sbs world sport. I’m not much interested in soccer or swimming or netball or grid-iron or rugby or anything else where there’s no chance of something exploding into flame. But I do really like the fact that they cover those sports. According to the commercial stations there’s nothing else except AFL lately. Not that I’ve been meaning to dis football — what I forgot to say is that as a sporting pursuit I find it infinitely more admirable than cricket, which is full of crones and thugs. At least those footy blokes exercise.
If there was ever something that needed some heavy duty spin-doctoring, it’s international cricket.

Anyway, I mean to say – Les Murray was back on World Sports tonight and I really get my jollies from hearing him pronounce “Juan Pablo Montoya” — which he did. Such Gusto!

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