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Oi what’s this? a review of this site as being, “nothing sepical”…? Well Khan, if that is your real name, when I catch up with you you’ll be on the pinchy end of a nipple twist so severe that you’ll be well regretting that poorly spelled judgement. And then I’ll maroon you on a desert planet with no tea-bags.

I know that the North Korean head-honcho is evil and everything, but I’m never failed to be impressed with the visual qualities of those shots of their huge precessions. The marching soldiers in particular – how long must they practice to get that so spot on!? Amazing. I think the trick is in the little hoppity bit on the step forward.

I’ve done no homework this weekend and am totally okay with that. I have been sleeping a bit and watching tv – again – okay. Most of the time I’m too harsh on me for not doing what I’m ‘supposed’ to be doing. Sometimes it’s hard being human because where is the midline? What tells me that I’m operating as expected?
It’s like the end of winter shake out. I’m more inclined to go with the countries/cultures that peg the 21st of the month as being the change from one season to the next.

I watched From Dusk Till Dawn on vid. I’m slowly changing my opinion on George Clooney, who in the past I’ve thought of as being a sap. It’s not even so much that I think his acting is good in this (or Brother Where Art Thou?) but the fact that the people who put those movies together thought him okay enough to cast.

My apologies to people visiting here using Opera for Windows – your visits are like a needle stabbing me in the eye because I know the page looks messed up, and I am yet to do anything about it. I will have to look into that. It’s a tad frustrating that Opera doesn’t behave the same in ‘doze as Linux — Mozilla does.

url: please don’t eat me!
date: 2003-09-15-17-37
No tea bags – how harsh.

Don’t worry Yaxxy, we all stil love you no matter what this so called Khan says.

Group hug for Yax!

yak sox
date: 2003-09-15-22-33
Ah fanks Ben 🙂
It’s all in good fun.

url:the spork
date: 2003-09-16-10-02
Actually I rather like George – He’s got a good level of coolness – I recon when he gets old he won’t have quite the same effect as Shhhhawn Connery but similar.

But primarily I like him because his birthday is on the same day as mine (though he’s a few years older) .. =)

yak sox
date: 2003-09-16-17-36
Hhmm.. I put a bit of distance between Clooney and Connery…
But I think I’ve said before that I can’t tell the difference between a good actor and a bad actor — it was more the things george was in:
-like that thing with nicole kiddman
-and ER
-and that military industrial complex propaganda film – “three Kings”
-and that The Perfect Storm was pretty lame too.

I labelled him dodgey by association. But if the Coen Brothers and Tarantino will hire him ….

url: soup de jour of the day
date: 2003-09-17-23-32
A needle stabbing you in the eye? . . now I feel bad! No, seriously, the Opera/Win combination works fine on your site as far as I can tell (when I’ve come across unreadable sites I just don’t bother revisiting them). I’m surprised Opera even works in Windows . .

yak sox
date: 2003-09-17-23-50
No kiddin’ – there must be something wrong with the version of Oppy I use then.
That’s good to know that this thing doesn’t look messed up. 🙂

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