the villians’ hideout

Insert description of lair – important bits – low mezzanine with dodgey wooden ramp leading up it, leadlight windows, tesla coils, lots of shelves with easily knocked over stuff on.
Dexter gasped and covered his mouth.
“What is it?’ asked Conray.
”A DNA resequencer. Goodness knows what monsterous creations they’ve been remoulding.“
Conray climbed up to take a look.
”That’s a drum sequencer. Here, look – phat squeaky breaks“, he read a penned and sticky-taped down label positioned over a button. Vulcan Conray pressed it. A cacophony of absurdly unrhythmic percussion exploded from speakers here and there.
Conray, digging it, swung his arm and clicked his fingers slow and steady. Poindexter looked on in horror, ”mosterous creations” he murmured again.

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