network printers:

sometimes you can meet nice people at them while waiting for your thiing to be churned out.
Other times deadheads can piss off with your stuff, needlessly diminishing your printer credits. Unlike Fonzy, I lost my cool today. I nearly yelled at some people. I should have.

This is interesting – Mandrake, with it’s 9.2 release on the horizon has decided to put ads into it. They say it’s because of the financial trouble they been having, and that they’ll only be in a few places — and what it sounds like at the moment is that they’re easily removed.
It seems like a fair enough thing to try. I’m sure they’ve got the intelligence to stay way over on the mild side of pushy. When you look at the major distroes Mandrake is really the only one that can still be got for free, that’s also in the ‘easy-to-set-up’ category. Slack isn’t, and Debian certainly isn’t. SuSE is charging a sizable chunk of dough and RedHat ain’t even interested in YOU anymore.

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