i don’t really have a dog

it was just the translation from french to english of a (the only) line contained in the aforementioned windowlicker. Lines from aphex twin track found here – which I was thinking different things on many tracks. It kind of spoils a little of the magic – finding what the hell they were really saying. But it’s inevitable.
I haven’t been thinking deeply about being headless either – saw Sleepy Hollow on vid. on the weekend. Walken had the best bit – just riding around with pointy teeth, crazy hair and a big sword, with his only line being, “RRAAARRR!”. Pretty sweet gig.

I heard about this thing on the radio this morning – earthdance at Fed. Square –sounded pretty cool, but then looking at the site — there’s not that many people playing at it, nevertheless it’s free and on during the day which suit my criteria well. I can go pay my RRR subscription and deliver my digital camera to anyone who wants to buy it.

Hey does anybody wanna buy my digital camera?! I’m desperate – need money. It’s a HP C120 photosmart: 1megapixel, 2xdigital zoom. plug that into google – it’ll tell you the rest. 2 hundred bucks or make me an offer. I’m obviously not trying very hard, but am keenly watching Collis’ ebay adventures keenly. Will he get the money? Or will they get up and run out of the room mischieviously when the bell dings? It’s like weblogging’s answer to reality tv.
I don’t know how I’d go in such an endevour, not having a credit card and all, but packaging a digital kamera is less problematic than a guitar with a near broken neck, so at least it’s got that going for it.

I know Jon’s used ebay before but I probably didn’t understand the concept then … (Whah? … exchange goods for money…? Inconceivable!). Jon’s also mentioned Ikea catalogues before too, and one of them lobbed up recently – mesmerising me for longer than is right. All just a *bit* *too* slick for my liking. It’s like they offer the path to inner peace through the right combination of storage receptacles. Maybe they are Nazis.

url: the spork
date: 2003-09-11-11-43
Woo, this is one of theose entry’s where all I can do is agree =). For a real revelation get some of RammSteins lyrics translated and you’ll find out that as a whole they are actually fairly bloody tame =) – it’s just coz’ someone screams them at you in German that you think he’s being oh-so-harsh =).

So you take Julio iglesias – Get him to sing in German .. add some overdrive heavy metal guitar riffs ..maybe the animal for the muppets and hey presto – Trash Metal =).

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