monster island

Weblogs I’m liking at the moment – OldTimey’s soup de jour of the day – I love that heading graphic.
– and Zellar – it’s a long-loading page but well worth it.

A couple of spur-winged plovers went me today at uni near the duckpond. Someone from my psycho classes saw it happen. It’s not like I try to appear cool – not at all, but I don’t try to look frenzied and panicky either if you know what i mean. People lazed around on the seats in the sun by the pond and then there was me behind, running backwards and forwards across the grassy knoll, hands shielding head and these two birds swooping and screeching.

Floating my audio boat currently is – basement jaxx – where’s your head at? — from the fatboy brighton beach CD. And visually – the 59Mb Windowlicker.avi, which has been slowly materialising on my hard drive over the last couple of weeks. Richard D. James’ warped-edness has no peer.

url: the spork
date: 2003-09-09-10-01
Dude, that 3rd photo freaks me out =).

yak sox
url: here
date: 2003-09-09-10-07
Jon, is the comment template still rooted in Safari? I tried some resizing things but get the feeling they weren’t successful.

Yeah – weird. And superimposiing his own face over those of all the women in the clip — who are feeling him up… disturbing.

url: the spork
date: 2003-09-09-14-58
The template works ok with some minor formatting errors (the text entry fields appear right aligned to the age), when you go to the entry directly (as in .. but when you try to add a comment on the front page you still don’t see the two buttons.

url: please don’t eat me!
date: 2003-09-09-18-10
Oh, I like OldTimey’s soup de jour of the day, it has been promplty added to my link farm.
As for those pictures, well they are just plain freaky!

yak sox
date: 2003-09-09-20-19
Thanks Jon, I’ll have to keep experimenting if those buttons aren’t showing up.

Quanta – yeh – how’s that for timing.

url: soup de jour of the day
date: 2003-09-10-15-35
Hiya there — thanks for the link! The header graphic was somewhat-shamelessly stolen from the great site that is — I enjoy the site in and of itself. (But, also, let me tell you, I spent a good deal of time using search engines to find ‘antiquarian soup-related images’ for consideration.) I should also say that your blog inspires me to attempt to better my own!

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