proper signage 2

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This has been in geelong opposite Kardinia Park for as long as I can remember, and have always thought it a bit optomisitic. It could be tested but I don’t have a footy and would most likely break my foot attempting to string 6 of these archaic things together, what with the asphalt and all (“So then I said ‘you can kiss my arsephalt’”). I do like the drop punt though – it’s a reminder of times less hurried.

– Y’know I’ve never really forgiven Brizzy for ditching the mustard coloured angry koala in favour of the ‘lion with paw on ball’ image, but then, as everyone knows lions are as much a part of this great land as koalas are. Maybe even moreso because lions don’t look like they’re on drugs all the time. If you live in Sydney and get up really early sometimes you can see huge packs of lions roaming through the financial district. Whatever the case, Go Brizzy.

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