downright inhuman

I’d like to be able to blame my brief absence on gremlins getting into the weblog but truth is i was attempting to make a minor template adjustment while in the acer-hole laboratoy at school the other day and accidentally left the machine logged into Pivot, and differing to movable type, Pivot only allows one login at a time. So I was stuck – I wasn’t about to waste half a day getting out there and back just to log the thing off, so had to reinstall.

I don’t understand the logic behind attempting to sell televisions, and their magnificent new high-definition tubes, … on television. I mean, either your reception and picture quality is really good, thus when you see the picture of the big tv you think ‘hey, my telly’s pretty damn good’, or your reception is fucken shithouse, which also is reflected in the wares being flogged.

Despite being a little weirded I got a decent amount of study done today. I had a dream last night that this ‘figure’ came into the house and right up to the bed. In times past I would’ve taken it as a sign that I was being abducted by aliens, still.

please don’t eat me!
date: 2003-09-06-16-06
Take me to your leader oh hu-mon one. 😉

Those TV’s do look pretty snazzy though…

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