a d n’ m with ys

The highlight of my day came while viewing some stuff on a CD for kiddie-psych (or as the bookshop price sticker abbreviates it, “developmental psycho”) and realising that if I press the fast-forward button on Quicktime (in windows) then it makes normal speaking voices sound like chipmunks.

If feels like it’s harder avoiding being productive than just doing it — whatever ‘it’ maybe at the time. I dunno. Sometimes i wonder if it’s just that the carrot they’re dangling in front of me isn’t big enough, or the wrong type of carrot. Or maybe I just don’t like carrots. Maybe it’s that no matter what I’m doing, even if at some point I’m doing something really exciting and elite, I’ll always be harbouring thoughts of wanting to be doing something else.

One thing I know for sure is that those people who say that if they won tattslotto they’d keep going to their job just like always are fools. I sometimes daydream about winning tatts and I’ve never actually bought a ticket.
I daydream a lot. I remember once my nanny (mum’s mum — we called her nanny) said to me when I was just five or six, ‘you’re a daydreamer, ys’. Not in a bad way. But damn! How did she know?


the spork
date: 2003-09-04-19-43
From the case files of the PSI – Grandmothers with supernatural sensory powers – lets face it if there was an awards for “been there done that” grandmothers would be first in line.

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