have it your way, baby!

Oh boy there’s something getting in the roof again. Sounds bigger than a rat, bigger than a cat. I think it’s a mountain lion.
A hectic kind of day.
A bit here on CORE about how ‘they’ are adding WiFi technology to the australian V8 racing cars. For some reason the whole wireless bit about computers eludes me [hehe – which bit doesn’t?!] — It’s like philosophy. Maybe if I saw it in action.

Anyway – I don’t see the difference between that and the normal way cameras are set up in racing cars now.
I was actually thinking about how with things that are broadcast live, that have no plot (like – all sporting events, and (shudder) big brother) could really throw open the way they broadcast – so the viewer could chose how actively they wanted to view. Example: from as it is now – through to choosing which camera view you wanted to watch. You’d have a smaller auxillary screen with all the camera shots in a grid (like on pay tv, with that ‘what channel do you wanna watch now?’ thing) – press one of them to see it on the bigger screen.

This way, you choose who the “star/hero” is. Watch what’s happening at the head of the field/centre of play … or wherever else.
And even better than that – if the tv channels would throw open the commentary thing so that anybody with a little bit of hardware at home could offer their own commentary to the event, and the viewer could tune into that instead of the tv station schmoes if they wanted. Sure, there’d be a lot of dips out there getting into it, but you don’t have to listen to crappy radio just because it’s on the air.
There could well also be some really intelligent experts out there (you know what sport’s fanatics are like – so much brain used for so little) who aren’t as ego driven as people like ur.. well, like eddy mcguire for one.

Of course the tv stations would never go for it because they’d lose their revenue stream, but there’s probably some happy medium.


url: Core
date: 2003-08-22-15-23
You know – wireless is actually quitre nice – because once you have it setup – you can forget about it. Literally no need for cables. Imagine if you like how you’d feel about truely wireless headphones.

yak sox
date: 2003-08-22-21-05
Funny you should mention that — I was looking at a pair of them in a junkmail catalogue yesterday. They’re definitely something that the benefits of wirless become obvious quickly

frequencies will move together

I bought the new b(if)tek album today. I wasn’t really planning to, but it caught me by surprise in the music store, the visiting of which was also unplanned.
It’s called Frequencies Will Move Together – a CD and an extra CD of 12 remixes by other folk, including Architecture in Helsinki, monolake and telemetry orchestra.
Get this – from the sleeve: “This album was partly funded by a grant from the Australia Council to research the effects of low hertz frequencies in music. Frequencies Will Move Together contains deep bass frequencies from a series of our field recordings of both natural and mechanical sources. The field recordings include: cats purring, electricity sub-station, thunder, helicopters, trains and aeroplanes. They have been digitally manipulated, and in some cases, emulated by a collection of analogue synthesisers. We hope these sounds will entrain you.”


url: core
date: 2003-08-20-17-26
BT makes some comments about the subsonic sound thingie in a DVD I am watching atm (better living thought electronic circuitry)

yak sox
date: 2003-08-21-19-35
I take it you mean b(if)tek and not British telecom? :^)
Yeah – for musicians, they’re outspoken. I remember them appearing in an The Age magazine article about sampling and its legalities/ramifications too.

amok time

Captain’s log, Stardate: whatever day today is. We have been caught in some mysterious fourteen-hour time lag. Mr.Spock is being his usual stand-offish self and is no help at all. We’ve scheduled a brainstorming session to touch base, incentivise the crew and leverage a holistic actionable gameplan out of them.

And by that, what i mean is that these entries are being dated as if i was in Merryland where the server is instead of here in the future. There is a plugin to adjust this but I can’t get it working yet.

I have been watching a bunch of old star trek videos. It’s interesting how certain aspects reflect norms of the era (late 60s) such as bureaucracy – the characters are continually signing clipboards. They were all sipping coffee out of what looked like stryofoam cups painted blue and then sitting them down on the contol panel/dashboard. If that’s the future then you’d hope they would’ve learnt from our era that coffee and keyboards don’t mix.

Go for it Margaret Pomeranz – all that scene was missing was the cop saying “gissit” and her saying “Nuh, ya not getting it” and holding the DVD outstretched backward behind her. I chose <-- that article about it because I like the wacky collage of still-shot from the movie and film censorship man. That's the kind of thing I'd expect from me, not the SMH. This might be useful to you if you've a habit of bullshitifying your bidness writing. Bullfighter hooks into either your Win2000 or XP copy of MS Word (but nothing else) and does a phrasing check for crap. There’s a 30 day trial version there.
Personally, I’d like to see an app. that turns plain English into jargon like that. It’d be good fun. Apparently the levels of jargonised meaningless could be clearly charted as ‘Five feet high and rising’ when looking at the communications eminating from the (then) soon to be sunk Enron.

on the radio

I subscribed to RRR this morning. I’d been lapsed the last year or two, for various reasons. The only time I listen regularly is to the Breakfasters, and it’s been that way for since adolecence onward, with the exception of a period a while back when I lived with a 3LO radio-fascista.

I was 15 of 16 when I won De La Soul’s …Is Dead off the Breakfasters, and hiked on up from Irrewarra to Fitzroy to collect it where I met that surly bastard Chris Hatzis, and the much more approachable Tim Thorpe (but hatzis was great — a rock — I was very sad when he split for N.Y.).
A year or so later I won a radio/walkman in a letter write in competition, which is now part of a pile of three busted walkmans i have.

A year or maybe two later I was working in the Melb. CBD and RRR was doing an OB from some arcade on Collins st. I was listening on the then functioning walkman and it was a ‘first person to run in and answer this question’ thing and I won a pair of chunky ladies leopard skin print sunglasses (cool in a Sonic Youth kind of way) of that surly bastard Stephen ‘Ghost’ Walker and then had a chat with the much more approachable Tim Thorpe. I lost the sunglasses to a girl in some nasty little romantic tryst in Sydney.
I’m hoping I can win the 30gig iPod in this year’s radiothon so that I might eventually add it to the collection.

Pivot has bumped on and up with a slightly updated, slightly debuggified version, and now has Moblogging incorporated. Now all I need is a Mo. But seriously, I’m a paitient lad, so how long is gonna be before I start seeing mutations and ugly things growing on the sides of people’s heads??, thus vindicating my non-partaking of the mo. ahh… I couldn’t afford one even if I wanted one … and no one rings me anyway.

Also, after my suggesting it, (he says, raising his eyebrows a few times, triumphantly) a script and entry field was included so that Pivot can ping other people’s trackback addresses … and it can be done without bowing to that artist’s license. We’re calling it ‘backpack tring’. That’s right, ‘we’. I’m part of the team now — I’m gonna proofread the documetation, and maybe write some if i get time — or more accurately — make time.

not chess mr.spock, poker

I’ve been watching some feelgood movies lately. I’m watching one right now. They seem to produce a mild electrical current through the front of my brain. I think the word enervating should be requisitioned for this. It’s a hurts so good kind of thing.

The study guide for my cultural studies subject is full of typos — as if it wasn’t proofread. But I actually think it’s the lecturer’s way of stickin’ it to The Man. I’m calling his bluff and am including the phrases, The Man, The Kids, old-skool and in-your-face in the essay.

Sam Weller
url: www.rudnick.com
date: 2003-08-23-06-45
Who in the Hell is “The Man”? How very ’70s:)

5 things, coincidentally on a friday

– saw a spine-billed honey eater (i think that’s what they’re called) — like a humming bird yesterday. It’s one of those amazing visual moments seeing one of those things flying on the spot and holding steady enough to stick its beak down the trumpet of a small flower.
– saw a guy standing alone in an aisle at the supermarket singing along to the in-house transmission of Chain of Fools. Not loud but with lots of feel.

– My brother sschew the news hound is on holidays and has gone to uk/europe for six weeks. I was thinking of asking him if he wanted to write some kermit thee frog style reports from on the spot, but I’ve never asked him to write for here before and I thought it might seem a bit too opportunist.

– I didn’t know this: the sponsorship arrangement between the geelong football club and Ford is the longest running deal of its nature anywhere. They just re-signed again. That was in one of the local free rags.
– Also from that – was this in the real estate section — heading: TLC of TNT
[I don’t know that “TLC” is a universal acronym. It’s Tender Loving Care.]
Then the first sentences read: All this imitation brick and tile home needs is a healthy dose of TLC.
But if rennovation isn’t your thing, a similar dose of TNT would be equally effective because this home is far from perfect.