what LiveJournal’s like

A while back i said I wanted to have a go of LiveJournal to see what it’s like. I did, but not much. So this isn’t very comprehensive: I did it here.

The interface that i type into, called Drivel, is pretty simple. Compared to things like Pivot here and MT – it feels like it’d be a lot less self-conscious way to go about recording thought into an online depository. One could use the drivel everyday and not ever actually look at their site. Of course that could be done with other mechanisms too, but it seems much more of an obvious possibility with LJ.
I can take or leave the little ‘iMood’ things, but I do like the ‘what song i am listening to right now’ bit. Because the Linux version of Drivel is Gnome-grouped, it picked up what XMMS (X MultiMedia System) was playing no probs.
It’d be neat if that could be added to Pivot.

I did have a look at how to go about modifying the look of the page, but I kept getting error pages when attempting to load that page, which isn’t very good.

Song I’m listening to right now: The Breeders – Iris [live]

A couple of tribesmen from my old northcote tribal days came to visit today. It was good. I was kind of thinking I’d have little in common with them now, but not so. Went trawling some of the 2nd hand bookshops geelong has to offer. There’s one that I just wouldn’t normally go into (nad hadn’t in ages) because it’s almost impossible to come out not holding a book. Uni has taken much of the joy out of reading. I don’t think I’ve read anything longer than a medium sized magazine article in one go, off my own bat, since January. But maybe I’m not trying hard enough. But then, I do a lot of reading online – that I don’t give myself credit for. Whatever.
I bought a collection of 3 Woody Allen books rolled into one, one of which I’ve read – Without feathers – which was a lotta fun eg. “Should I marry W.? Not if she won’t tell me the other letters in her name. And what about her career? How can I ask a woman of her beauty to give up the Roller Derby? Decisions…”.

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