2.5 days’ worth of crap

– Say what you want about them Nigerian scamsters, but when they start a letter, “I crave your indulgence…”, at least you know they’re trying to keep their material fresh.

– The best explanation I can come up with as to why they call that bar on men’s bikes the ‘sissy bar’ is that it can turn a man into sissy if he has an accident on it badly enough. And this isn’t a very good explanation. It took significant time pondering why a men’s bike would have it and not women’s when, on a relative scale, such a thing would sure be more injurious to a man. Then I rememberd the whloe clothing thing.
But surely metalurgy has come far enough that NO bike need a bar there anymore. I ride the so called ‘woman’s bike’ and am damn proud of it. Damn. Plus the seat is way more comfy.

– The best way I can describe the living situation I’m at here is with a ‘Magnum P.I.’ analogy. TiJ owns the property and lives in the main house — she is like Higgins. I live in a smaller dwelling on the property and rent it off Higgins. I am Magnum, except that instead of it being a guesthouse, it’s a bungalow, and instead of driving a Ferrari GTO I ride a pushbike and have no moustache:
<%image(20040110-KRUZOR!.jpg|300|225|henry the pony the bike)%>

TiJ has RSI and so has a cleaner clean her joint. In the 9 months I’ve been living back here, she’s gone through at least 6 cleaners. I can’t explain it because it’s not like she’s a dragon… it’s more like her house is a Bermuda Triangle, except for cleaners. I always end up meeting them briefly. Sometimes TiJ introduces me to them so they don’t freak out when they see someone walking around the backyard (i.e. me).

I always say hello and how’ d’ do, and yesterday I met the newest, and for the first time, when i looked at them I thought, there’s not much point being nice because you won’t be around long. Not because you seem like a particularly hopeless cleaner, but because the odds are stacking up against you, bigtime.
Probably like meeting people in war.

-They must have pirates working at channel 7 because they’re doing a great job at hiding and burying the good stuff. King of the Hill: 11:30pm one night, same for Futurama on the next — with The Lone Gunmen after that at midnight. Lone Gunmen’s okay I suppose… at least it has a freaking plot.

– Who I want to be this week: Leaping Larry L — He gets to write a collumn for the Age once a week making fun of commercials. I do that anyway. I didn’t, but I was going to mention those Brand Power commercials here, before he wrote about them. except I was just going to say that I want Brand Power Woman’s job. Walking around the supermarket, picking up stuff and talking about it — I can do that.

url: please don’t eat me!
date: 2003-08-28-17-49
Notice that the brand power women doesn’t walk, she glides. I suspect she is on a skateboard.

url: the spork
date: 2003-08-28-21-41
“Say what you want about them Nigerian scamsters, but when they start a letter, ”I crave your indulgence…“, at least you know they’re trying to keep their material fresh.”

That line *so* cracked me up =)

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