recurring red, white, blue

This is in part a test if the backpack trings feature of Pivot. But I also have to say about a little of this post of jon’s at the Spork — the movie The Italian Job – I haven’t seen it, and wondered about how much to it there could be if they use footage from the same car chase scene *twice* in the one 15-20 second tv commercial. 🙂

I haven’t bothered to look it up, but this must be another remake a la Ocean’s Eleven. I remember at some point in kidhood seeing this Brit movie about a bank job or heist or something, and the criminals/heroes getting away in a trio of mini minors, red white, blue. A big chase scene – through giant stormwater tunnels, just like the ad. for this current movie.

The thing about that bit of old footage is that it’s the only example of ‘sampling’ in tv/film I’ve seen. That whole car chase was reused in an episode of McGuyver. I’m sure the ideas and technical set ups for action scenes are borrowed all the time but this was completely lifted.

url: the spork
date: 2003-08-27-23-16
Didn’t seem to backtrack but oh well =). The italian job feels like it could be a remake of Oceans Eleven – only that the inherent Calm/Coolness of George Clooney isn’t there. It says at imdb that Ed norton did this movie “under duress” .. it sure looks like that.

yak sox
date: 2003-08-28-00-01
Yeh – I meant Ocean’s eleven was a remake of a 60s movie, same as this probably was.
I’d heard it said that Ed Norton was one of the few lucky actors have not been in a dud movie to date — but maybe this was his first.

Will have to notify the coders of the t/b glitch.

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