planes in spain fall mainly on the runway

Had a nice weekend- little contact with computers. I could get huffy and prideful about how being a Linux user exempts from all this email virus hoo-haar but it makes zip difference if the ISP’s machine is grinding along, which it has been.
Lot of rain which is great, but I was couped/cooped up inside because of it. I seriously think it rains more down there.
The last two times I’ve headed down — hitching — has ended up being with ‘furriners’, as they say, – a polish guy, and then a timorese or indonesian couple. And both times on the eastern approach to Colac they’ve looked to the right, seen the Colac lake and said ‘wow that’s some big damn’. I don’t know if it’s significant but it’s funny. Funny odd, not funny ha-ha.


This sign is a hark-back to the days when the Romans over-ran the Western District. Hey where the hell else did ya think Highway 1 came from?

Speaking of ancient Rome, I think we’re taking this whole bulgy architecture a bit far. I’m talking about that thing they figured out with one of the temples, the optical illusion thing where if they made the columns bulge just a little in the middle, then from a distance they would appear to be perfectly straight.
That’s fine in the case of the first temple it was used on because it’s managed to be distinct enough not to have other buildings spring up around it, thus ensuring that it can actually be seen from a distance.
Such techniques weren’t meant to be used on buildings that are positioned on modern cramped streets — as is the case with the Geelong Hall of Justice (or whatever it’s called …. where the councillors hang out) – it just looks dippy. Maybe they got the bulge proportion wrong – too bulgy.

I even saw it on the front of a house the other week, which is kookoo.

date: 2003-08-25-18-45
There is nothing like going to sleep when its raining. I wish I had one of those little rain noise maker machines. Better then Valium.

yak sox
date: 2003-08-25-22-10
Very true. I wonder why is that.

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