somebody call for a crudlinger?

I had a thought while walking around this funny little backwater called Colac today – ‘they’ should make a digital camera that has all its drivers built into a small portion of its storage capacity. Most of the storage is in the flash cards these days, but I don’t see why there couldn’t be a little of the internal memory housing drivers for the major releases of windows like 98, 2000 whatever. You slot your trusty usb cable into whatever machine you come accross when you’re on the road, the camera swings into action by setting up a way for it to talk to the computer, so that you could d/load the images to the machine which could be then sent to wherever — storage space, emails.

This’d help a lot with windows machine that currently need a cd rom to get the two things co-operating, while OS X and Linux are more conveniant in that they have the drivers built in, OS X moreso because they employ people to write the drivers that hardware companies should but aren’t.

I think that in hell, the devil tortures some of the people by giving them computers with dodgey mice that work some of the time – just enough to not throw them through the window.

I’m down here hangin’ out with my mum for a day or two. My brother’s computer is disgustingly grubby, and I’m getting some kind of karma payback — he’s a closet ciggarette smoker and now that I’m not smoking I can tell that everything reeks… there’s probably a lot of people out there in the past that I put this on too. The bugger’s on gurnsey island and he’s still getting me riled.

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