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Oh boy there’s something getting in the roof again. Sounds bigger than a rat, bigger than a cat. I think it’s a mountain lion.
A hectic kind of day.
A bit here on CORE about how ‘they’ are adding WiFi technology to the australian V8 racing cars. For some reason the whole wireless bit about computers eludes me [hehe – which bit doesn’t?!] — It’s like philosophy. Maybe if I saw it in action.

Anyway – I don’t see the difference between that and the normal way cameras are set up in racing cars now.
I was actually thinking about how with things that are broadcast live, that have no plot (like – all sporting events, and (shudder) big brother) could really throw open the way they broadcast – so the viewer could chose how actively they wanted to view. Example: from as it is now – through to choosing which camera view you wanted to watch. You’d have a smaller auxillary screen with all the camera shots in a grid (like on pay tv, with that ‘what channel do you wanna watch now?’ thing) – press one of them to see it on the bigger screen.

This way, you choose who the “star/hero” is. Watch what’s happening at the head of the field/centre of play … or wherever else.
And even better than that – if the tv channels would throw open the commentary thing so that anybody with a little bit of hardware at home could offer their own commentary to the event, and the viewer could tune into that instead of the tv station schmoes if they wanted. Sure, there’d be a lot of dips out there getting into it, but you don’t have to listen to crappy radio just because it’s on the air.
There could well also be some really intelligent experts out there (you know what sport’s fanatics are like – so much brain used for so little) who aren’t as ego driven as people like ur.. well, like eddy mcguire for one.

Of course the tv stations would never go for it because they’d lose their revenue stream, but there’s probably some happy medium.


url: Core
date: 2003-08-22-15-23
You know – wireless is actually quitre nice – because once you have it setup – you can forget about it. Literally no need for cables. Imagine if you like how you’d feel about truely wireless headphones.

yak sox
date: 2003-08-22-21-05
Funny you should mention that — I was looking at a pair of them in a junkmail catalogue yesterday. They’re definitely something that the benefits of wirless become obvious quickly

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