frequencies will move together

I bought the new b(if)tek album today. I wasn’t really planning to, but it caught me by surprise in the music store, the visiting of which was also unplanned.
It’s called Frequencies Will Move Together – a CD and an extra CD of 12 remixes by other folk, including Architecture in Helsinki, monolake and telemetry orchestra.
Get this – from the sleeve: “This album was partly funded by a grant from the Australia Council to research the effects of low hertz frequencies in music. Frequencies Will Move Together contains deep bass frequencies from a series of our field recordings of both natural and mechanical sources. The field recordings include: cats purring, electricity sub-station, thunder, helicopters, trains and aeroplanes. They have been digitally manipulated, and in some cases, emulated by a collection of analogue synthesisers. We hope these sounds will entrain you.”


url: core
date: 2003-08-20-17-26
BT makes some comments about the subsonic sound thingie in a DVD I am watching atm (better living thought electronic circuitry)

yak sox
date: 2003-08-21-19-35
I take it you mean b(if)tek and not British telecom? :^)
Yeah – for musicians, they’re outspoken. I remember them appearing in an The Age magazine article about sampling and its legalities/ramifications too.

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