amok time

Captain’s log, Stardate: whatever day today is. We have been caught in some mysterious fourteen-hour time lag. Mr.Spock is being his usual stand-offish self and is no help at all. We’ve scheduled a brainstorming session to touch base, incentivise the crew and leverage a holistic actionable gameplan out of them.

And by that, what i mean is that these entries are being dated as if i was in Merryland where the server is instead of here in the future. There is a plugin to adjust this but I can’t get it working yet.

I have been watching a bunch of old star trek videos. It’s interesting how certain aspects reflect norms of the era (late 60s) such as bureaucracy – the characters are continually signing clipboards. They were all sipping coffee out of what looked like stryofoam cups painted blue and then sitting them down on the contol panel/dashboard. If that’s the future then you’d hope they would’ve learnt from our era that coffee and keyboards don’t mix.

Go for it Margaret Pomeranz – all that scene was missing was the cop saying “gissit” and her saying “Nuh, ya not getting it” and holding the DVD outstretched backward behind her. I chose <-- that article about it because I like the wacky collage of still-shot from the movie and film censorship man. That's the kind of thing I'd expect from me, not the SMH. This might be useful to you if you've a habit of bullshitifying your bidness writing. Bullfighter hooks into either your Win2000 or XP copy of MS Word (but nothing else) and does a phrasing check for crap. There’s a 30 day trial version there.
Personally, I’d like to see an app. that turns plain English into jargon like that. It’d be good fun. Apparently the levels of jargonised meaningless could be clearly charted as ‘Five feet high and rising’ when looking at the communications eminating from the (then) soon to be sunk Enron.

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