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I subscribed to RRR this morning. I’d been lapsed the last year or two, for various reasons. The only time I listen regularly is to the Breakfasters, and it’s been that way for since adolecence onward, with the exception of a period a while back when I lived with a 3LO radio-fascista.

I was 15 of 16 when I won De La Soul’s …Is Dead off the Breakfasters, and hiked on up from Irrewarra to Fitzroy to collect it where I met that surly bastard Chris Hatzis, and the much more approachable Tim Thorpe (but hatzis was great — a rock — I was very sad when he split for N.Y.).
A year or so later I won a radio/walkman in a letter write in competition, which is now part of a pile of three busted walkmans i have.

A year or maybe two later I was working in the Melb. CBD and RRR was doing an OB from some arcade on Collins st. I was listening on the then functioning walkman and it was a ‘first person to run in and answer this question’ thing and I won a pair of chunky ladies leopard skin print sunglasses (cool in a Sonic Youth kind of way) of that surly bastard Stephen ‘Ghost’ Walker and then had a chat with the much more approachable Tim Thorpe. I lost the sunglasses to a girl in some nasty little romantic tryst in Sydney.
I’m hoping I can win the 30gig iPod in this year’s radiothon so that I might eventually add it to the collection.

Pivot has bumped on and up with a slightly updated, slightly debuggified version, and now has Moblogging incorporated. Now all I need is a Mo. But seriously, I’m a paitient lad, so how long is gonna be before I start seeing mutations and ugly things growing on the sides of people’s heads??, thus vindicating my non-partaking of the mo. ahh… I couldn’t afford one even if I wanted one … and no one rings me anyway.

Also, after my suggesting it, (he says, raising his eyebrows a few times, triumphantly) a script and entry field was included so that Pivot can ping other people’s trackback addresses … and it can be done without bowing to that artist’s license. We’re calling it ‘backpack tring’. That’s right, ‘we’. I’m part of the team now — I’m gonna proofread the documetation, and maybe write some if i get time — or more accurately — make time.

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