5 things, coincidentally on a friday

– saw a spine-billed honey eater (i think that’s what they’re called) — like a humming bird yesterday. It’s one of those amazing visual moments seeing one of those things flying on the spot and holding steady enough to stick its beak down the trumpet of a small flower.
– saw a guy standing alone in an aisle at the supermarket singing along to the in-house transmission of Chain of Fools. Not loud but with lots of feel.

– My brother sschew the news hound is on holidays and has gone to uk/europe for six weeks. I was thinking of asking him if he wanted to write some kermit thee frog style reports from on the spot, but I’ve never asked him to write for here before and I thought it might seem a bit too opportunist.

– I didn’t know this: the sponsorship arrangement between the geelong football club and Ford is the longest running deal of its nature anywhere. They just re-signed again. That was in one of the local free rags.
– Also from that – was this in the real estate section — heading: TLC of TNT
[I don’t know that “TLC” is a universal acronym. It’s Tender Loving Care.]
Then the first sentences read: All this imitation brick and tile home needs is a healthy dose of TLC.
But if rennovation isn’t your thing, a similar dose of TNT would be equally effective because this home is far from perfect.

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