a pirate tv station named Mercury

This is really interesting, despite the fact that I’ve never seen a TiVo — and don’t know that they’re even for sale here yet. What I understand of what they do is kind of like a VCR… um.

But that’s not important. What I’m really wondering about is the intentions and forethought of the people who invent these things. I don’t think I have a wild imagination in thinking that while they are deciding what these things will be capable of (I’m talking about each device or bit of software) — that they don’t have access to all the other existing bits. I’m sure they sit around in the laboratory and plug them all into each other and realise what they are doing. And you can bet that folk like the Murdochs aren’t happy because (same with other technologies like those that record/play music) the nature of the technology is shifting gradually but drastically.

The alpha-numeric writing system is a technology. At one stage in western history it was pretty much owned by the Church — and so was a form of power. But eventually it was given over and now people don’t really have to pay to be able to use it. The Man likes even the drones to be able to write their name on documents.

But anyway, without overbaking this — that’s the way music/(tele)vision and the things that capture/play it with are going. I think. I don’t know. My head hurts.

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