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Our man in Finland, Cybbis, has a foto of a big outdoor Pepsi ad here. He reckons its hideous, and maybe so but at least they’re trying there. They don’t even try here – just big rectangular, mass-replicated billboards that they would plaster over your granny’s only north-facing window if they could. Those things at the T-intersection at punt rd. and uummmm (near richmond station) in melvin are a good eg. The perfect addition to your innner-city townhouse balcony — a giant fucking underpants billboard.

I really should be doing my cultural studies assignment.


url: the horse’s mouth
date: 2003-08-12-23-43
I know for a fact (don’t ask me how) that the brothel called “Ladies for Gentlemen” near the corner of Punt Road and Swan Street got 60 000 simoleons over 3 years for having a Bi-Lo add on top of their roof. I’d let some prick advertise pepsi on my roof for 60 grand unfortunately, I never thought I’d say that, but the problem is with the councils who keep approving pop-up ads everywhere.

yak sox
date: 2003-08-13-01-06
I didn’t mention that poeple probably have a choice when it comes to these things, and yes – that kind of money would go a long way toward paying the mortgage. But once they’re there it’s rare that thye disappear again.

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