I’m off to an auction this morning. My spiritual + financial advisor + guru, froggy is aiming to buy this house that’s got a expected getting price of 550,000. That’s a lot of doughnuts.

The more I watch of the star trek series ‘Andromeda‘ the more impressed I am. It’s not right to even mention star trek in relation to it because there’s absolutely no crossover. It’s not like it’s set in a different time, but in the same universe — there’s no stoopid “i wonder if someone will invent a way to transport matter one day?” lines. They’ve even managed to sweep out those scraggy bit-actors who hung around series after series playing one baddy then another. Like this guy. And the science boffins would be happy, because there’s actually quite a bit more in the way of scientific concepts playing a part in the plots (ie. “science” “fiction” woh???!) compared to the coma-inducing stuff of ‘Voyager’ and the end of ‘Deep Space 9’ (eg. the eps. that are airing here now) which are so damned soap-opera that they put ‘Neighbours’ to shame.

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date: 2003-08-09-07-17
Actually I don’t like Andromeda much – well except for the computer actor .. she’s cute. The Earth:The Final conflict has gotten a bit more gritty which is good – I cought an episode today.

yak sox
date: 2003-08-09-07-34
Yeah – I think it’s funny how in the The original Series – the idea was that kirk’s no.1 ‘woman’ was the ship – and in andromeda — the ship has a crush on the captain. She is kinda good lookin’.
I haven’t seen any of Earth yet.

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