I’m so meh about trackback

There’s an article at the o’reilly weblogs about trackback here. Pivot don’t have trackback, but just in case the o’reillys accept non-ping-pings here’s the t/b address too. The article is ‘a non-movable-type’ explanation of trackback.

The other day i was thinking about adding the stand-alone implementation of t/b to here, and so had a closer look at it – and it’s licensing. My memory was playing tricks on me because I thought the MT kids had released it as a fully open-source tool, but in fact I was just getting it mixed up with the fact that it was stand-alone (still a tool) and so could be used without using MT.
It uses the Artistic License, same as MT itself.
I don’t understand the “Artistic License” and am feeling most definitely humble enough to have anyone clarify it for me. Does this mean trackback’s creators could start charging for its future use in any other scripting set-up that it’s included in (same as MT could be charged money for in the future) ??
Is Perl also under this license?? Surely not.

Anyway, I don’t mind trackback not being built into Pivot. Like the author of the O’reilly article, i don’t see t/b rendering regular comments obsolete anytime in this millenium. It dictates too much. Say someone’s written something interesting that I want to t/b (because they don’t have regular comments available) — this means that i have to put that specific passage of response at the very start of my weblog entry – if I want to make any sense when it shows up on that other persons t/b listing. Either that or I have to write a specific little entry solely dealing with that one issue — another form of dictation, because that not the way I normally operate. Also it’d help if my heading had something to do with the relevant topic, and that can be boring sometimes.

As an alternative I actually like a thing that Waxy.org has got going where each weblog entry will count referers — if a certain number arrive from the same link (on somebody else’s weblog) it shows up on waxy’s entry page (eg. down the bottom –here). Such a thing could be set by the site’s owner to a chosen threshold, like 25 click-throughs — which has the benefit of maybe not quite stopping spammers and juicers dead in their tracks, but it might slow them down.

Hey is that Dr. J. Wright guy (the one who’s been doing the healthcare commercials) a muppet or what?

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