national lamers day

A couple of months ago I stated on another weblog that I didn’t watch Inspector Rex, but I hadn’t seen it for a couple of years and I’d forgotten why i didn’t watch it. I must’ve thought it was lame. i watched it again, and it’s actually kinda fun. If it’s any measure of reality, all i have to do to start having encounters of a potentially romantic nature is get a big dog then go wait out on the street (with dog) and beautiful women (probably a vet) on pushbikes will start running into me shortly thereafter. It happens to detective moser all the time.
Man that dog’s amazing. He puts the few small high-points in my life deep in the shade. One week Rex discovered a cure for AIDS and then another week he was making giant leaps forward in field of clinical child-psychology.

I sold the last of my guitars today. I still find haggling distasteful. How come it’s the done thing to haggle private seller folk like me, but if I tried to haggle at the dentist or supermarket i’d get laughed at. Why is it that whenever I’m trying to sell something, it’s a buyer’s market? Bah.

this one schmuck rang me up at a quarter past seven this morning. I was asleep. Being woken to be haggled is not my idea of a party, especially right now.
Whatever your opinion of Seinfeld, you gotta admit that it hits on a lot of central themes, like the mechanic guilt tripping him for not looking after the car. I got that from this one guy about the violin bass because I cracked the neck. He came around to buy it then told me how hard it would be to fix, if possible at all. And I’m notthe best at detecting bullshit, but I got the geniune feeling that this guy really loved guitars. He knew more about it than me, and was able to confirm the vague idea I had that it was indeed made in the late ’60s. I sold it to him very cheap and as he left I said, “gee mister I really hope you can fix it. Good Luck”.

Here’s something to try at home: lift your right foot off the floor and get that sucker swinging around in a clockwise circling motion. Then with a finger on your right hand, draw a “6” in the air in front of you.

Can’t do it, huh?
Me neither.
Angus Sampson mentioned it on the triple-R breakfasters a couple of days ago.

url: The Horse’s Mouth
date: 2003-08-07-08-17
I just read your post and ran into the living room to tell the Mrs and her mate about the leggy/draw a six trick. We spent 15 minutes laughing about it. Who says the web is full of useless information? That was fantastic!

url: Core
date: 2003-08-07-08-29
Heheh me neither .. lol .

yak sox
date: 2003-08-07-08-32
yeah – I was lying in bed when i heard it. It was one of those things that *I just knew* i didn’t need to sit up and try to know I couldn’t do it.

date: 2003-08-08-20-55
I liked your bit about Inspector Rex, just happened upon him one evening and being a dog lourver I just fell in love on the spot – he is just so adorable. Like the idea of you getting all paternalist or thirtyish and feeling like putting your roots down if you know what I mean, it had to happen to one of you sooner or later! Me in office today, catching up on huge voluminous workload, maybe am getting too old and just can’t hack it but you can’t question my enthusiasm and input. See ya ………… Ma

Cora Buhlert
url: thought scraps
date: 2003-08-12-22-26
Regarding Inspector Rex, the doggie was cute, but it did help that his owners were quite handsome guys at the time (though Tobias Moretti, the first Rex owner, has really put on fat in the last few years).

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