the odd rort

I joined the melbourne blogs thing. I figured what the hey right, right ay? It’s just a matter of months before the respective sprawls of geelong and melbourne join and intermingle like one big godawful flat 3 b/room BIR to-the-power-of-917 desert. Perhaps regional set-ups are a better idea in australia anyway (as opposed to the now somewhat neglected ‘aussieblogs’ thing). I think that’s how canada operates:- eg. Toronto, which seems fairly well organised.

I saw a dead rat half-floating in the “fountain” at uni this morning. It hasn’t been turned on for quite a while, probably because of how everyone gets this amazing lightening-strike original prank idea of adding detergent to it.

SirFlakey did a nice writeup of the current state of Ximian Linux desktop at CORE.

url: CORE
date: 2003-08-03-02-36
Eww – dead rat .. looovely.

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