coal in, ghost out

What have I been doing this weekend? Studying for a Research Methods mini-exam … battling Tukey and his totally honest mate significant difference F-test?
Well, kinda. But also slapped together a new site design and switched to a full fresh copy of Pivot and changed where it resides. Lately I hadn’t relished the thought of major messing with CSS, but actually it wasn’t too much of a hassle. But then (as is becoming the unhealthy norm.) I haven’t had a look at it on Internet Explorer, or mac.

I haven’t puked in 6 years, but a couple of things that’ve popped up recently are giving the boat a shake:
1) Movies with Freddie Prinze Jr. in.
2) This picture. Ay carumba! Imagine using that for your website’s wall paper.

url: please don’t eat me!
date: 2003-08-31-19-57
Oh wow, it’s so bright.

I like it though, the pictures at the top really cinch the deal.

Nice to see you didn’t let those web designers and their so called conventions of good taste guide you!


yak sox
date: 2003-08-31-20-10
Hehe, thanks I think. 😉
But you’re right though – ‘organic’ I call it – ie. thinking up the colours myself,a dn not worrying too much about symmetry or “style”.

what LiveJournal’s like

A while back i said I wanted to have a go of LiveJournal to see what it’s like. I did, but not much. So this isn’t very comprehensive: I did it here.

The interface that i type into, called Drivel, is pretty simple. Compared to things like Pivot here and MT – it feels like it’d be a lot less self-conscious way to go about recording thought into an online depository. One could use the drivel everyday and not ever actually look at their site. Of course that could be done with other mechanisms too, but it seems much more of an obvious possibility with LJ.
I can take or leave the little ‘iMood’ things, but I do like the ‘what song i am listening to right now’ bit. Because the Linux version of Drivel is Gnome-grouped, it picked up what XMMS (X MultiMedia System) was playing no probs.
It’d be neat if that could be added to Pivot.

I did have a look at how to go about modifying the look of the page, but I kept getting error pages when attempting to load that page, which isn’t very good.

Song I’m listening to right now: The Breeders – Iris [live]

A couple of tribesmen from my old northcote tribal days came to visit today. It was good. I was kind of thinking I’d have little in common with them now, but not so. Went trawling some of the 2nd hand bookshops geelong has to offer. There’s one that I just wouldn’t normally go into (nad hadn’t in ages) because it’s almost impossible to come out not holding a book. Uni has taken much of the joy out of reading. I don’t think I’ve read anything longer than a medium sized magazine article in one go, off my own bat, since January. But maybe I’m not trying hard enough. But then, I do a lot of reading online – that I don’t give myself credit for. Whatever.
I bought a collection of 3 Woody Allen books rolled into one, one of which I’ve read – Without feathers – which was a lotta fun eg. “Should I marry W.? Not if she won’t tell me the other letters in her name. And what about her career? How can I ask a woman of her beauty to give up the Roller Derby? Decisions…”.

2.5 days’ worth of crap

– Say what you want about them Nigerian scamsters, but when they start a letter, “I crave your indulgence…”, at least you know they’re trying to keep their material fresh.

– The best explanation I can come up with as to why they call that bar on men’s bikes the ‘sissy bar’ is that it can turn a man into sissy if he has an accident on it badly enough. And this isn’t a very good explanation. It took significant time pondering why a men’s bike would have it and not women’s when, on a relative scale, such a thing would sure be more injurious to a man. Then I rememberd the whloe clothing thing.
But surely metalurgy has come far enough that NO bike need a bar there anymore. I ride the so called ‘woman’s bike’ and am damn proud of it. Damn. Plus the seat is way more comfy.

– The best way I can describe the living situation I’m at here is with a ‘Magnum P.I.’ analogy. TiJ owns the property and lives in the main house — she is like Higgins. I live in a smaller dwelling on the property and rent it off Higgins. I am Magnum, except that instead of it being a guesthouse, it’s a bungalow, and instead of driving a Ferrari GTO I ride a pushbike and have no moustache:
<%image(20040110-KRUZOR!.jpg|300|225|henry the pony the bike)%>

TiJ has RSI and so has a cleaner clean her joint. In the 9 months I’ve been living back here, she’s gone through at least 6 cleaners. I can’t explain it because it’s not like she’s a dragon… it’s more like her house is a Bermuda Triangle, except for cleaners. I always end up meeting them briefly. Sometimes TiJ introduces me to them so they don’t freak out when they see someone walking around the backyard (i.e. me).

I always say hello and how’ d’ do, and yesterday I met the newest, and for the first time, when i looked at them I thought, there’s not much point being nice because you won’t be around long. Not because you seem like a particularly hopeless cleaner, but because the odds are stacking up against you, bigtime.
Probably like meeting people in war.

-They must have pirates working at channel 7 because they’re doing a great job at hiding and burying the good stuff. King of the Hill: 11:30pm one night, same for Futurama on the next — with The Lone Gunmen after that at midnight. Lone Gunmen’s okay I suppose… at least it has a freaking plot.

– Who I want to be this week: Leaping Larry L — He gets to write a collumn for the Age once a week making fun of commercials. I do that anyway. I didn’t, but I was going to mention those Brand Power commercials here, before he wrote about them. except I was just going to say that I want Brand Power Woman’s job. Walking around the supermarket, picking up stuff and talking about it — I can do that.

url: please don’t eat me!
date: 2003-08-28-17-49
Notice that the brand power women doesn’t walk, she glides. I suspect she is on a skateboard.

url: the spork
date: 2003-08-28-21-41
“Say what you want about them Nigerian scamsters, but when they start a letter, ”I crave your indulgence…“, at least you know they’re trying to keep their material fresh.”

That line *so* cracked me up =)

“I Childproofed My House, But They Still Get In!”

Bob has stuck up a couple of Morcheeba acoustic+live tracks here. I’ve never really listened to morcheeba, but that song ‘the sea’ is very recognisable. Recorded somewhere in western europe and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s difficult to get here.

Meanwhile, I’ve Gone to Find Myself. If I Get Back Before I’ve Found Me, Please Keep Me Here.

recurring red, white, blue

This is in part a test if the backpack trings feature of Pivot. But I also have to say about a little of this post of jon’s at the Spork — the movie The Italian Job – I haven’t seen it, and wondered about how much to it there could be if they use footage from the same car chase scene *twice* in the one 15-20 second tv commercial. 🙂

I haven’t bothered to look it up, but this must be another remake a la Ocean’s Eleven. I remember at some point in kidhood seeing this Brit movie about a bank job or heist or something, and the criminals/heroes getting away in a trio of mini minors, red white, blue. A big chase scene – through giant stormwater tunnels, just like the ad. for this current movie.

The thing about that bit of old footage is that it’s the only example of ‘sampling’ in tv/film I’ve seen. That whole car chase was reused in an episode of McGuyver. I’m sure the ideas and technical set ups for action scenes are borrowed all the time but this was completely lifted.

url: the spork
date: 2003-08-27-23-16
Didn’t seem to backtrack but oh well =). The italian job feels like it could be a remake of Oceans Eleven – only that the inherent Calm/Coolness of George Clooney isn’t there. It says at imdb that Ed norton did this movie “under duress” .. it sure looks like that.

yak sox
date: 2003-08-28-00-01
Yeh – I meant Ocean’s eleven was a remake of a 60s movie, same as this probably was.
I’d heard it said that Ed Norton was one of the few lucky actors have not been in a dud movie to date — but maybe this was his first.

Will have to notify the coders of the t/b glitch.

planes in spain fall mainly on the runway

Had a nice weekend- little contact with computers. I could get huffy and prideful about how being a Linux user exempts from all this email virus hoo-haar but it makes zip difference if the ISP’s machine is grinding along, which it has been.
Lot of rain which is great, but I was couped/cooped up inside because of it. I seriously think it rains more down there.
The last two times I’ve headed down — hitching — has ended up being with ‘furriners’, as they say, – a polish guy, and then a timorese or indonesian couple. And both times on the eastern approach to Colac they’ve looked to the right, seen the Colac lake and said ‘wow that’s some big damn’. I don’t know if it’s significant but it’s funny. Funny odd, not funny ha-ha.


This sign is a hark-back to the days when the Romans over-ran the Western District. Hey where the hell else did ya think Highway 1 came from?

Speaking of ancient Rome, I think we’re taking this whole bulgy architecture a bit far. I’m talking about that thing they figured out with one of the temples, the optical illusion thing where if they made the columns bulge just a little in the middle, then from a distance they would appear to be perfectly straight.
That’s fine in the case of the first temple it was used on because it’s managed to be distinct enough not to have other buildings spring up around it, thus ensuring that it can actually be seen from a distance.
Such techniques weren’t meant to be used on buildings that are positioned on modern cramped streets — as is the case with the Geelong Hall of Justice (or whatever it’s called …. where the councillors hang out) – it just looks dippy. Maybe they got the bulge proportion wrong – too bulgy.

I even saw it on the front of a house the other week, which is kookoo.

date: 2003-08-25-18-45
There is nothing like going to sleep when its raining. I wish I had one of those little rain noise maker machines. Better then Valium.

yak sox
date: 2003-08-25-22-10
Very true. I wonder why is that.

somebody call for a crudlinger?

I had a thought while walking around this funny little backwater called Colac today – ‘they’ should make a digital camera that has all its drivers built into a small portion of its storage capacity. Most of the storage is in the flash cards these days, but I don’t see why there couldn’t be a little of the internal memory housing drivers for the major releases of windows like 98, 2000 whatever. You slot your trusty usb cable into whatever machine you come accross when you’re on the road, the camera swings into action by setting up a way for it to talk to the computer, so that you could d/load the images to the machine which could be then sent to wherever — storage space, emails.

This’d help a lot with windows machine that currently need a cd rom to get the two things co-operating, while OS X and Linux are more conveniant in that they have the drivers built in, OS X moreso because they employ people to write the drivers that hardware companies should but aren’t.

I think that in hell, the devil tortures some of the people by giving them computers with dodgey mice that work some of the time – just enough to not throw them through the window.

I’m down here hangin’ out with my mum for a day or two. My brother’s computer is disgustingly grubby, and I’m getting some kind of karma payback — he’s a closet ciggarette smoker and now that I’m not smoking I can tell that everything reeks… there’s probably a lot of people out there in the past that I put this on too. The bugger’s on gurnsey island and he’s still getting me riled.