a load of drivel

Literally and otherwise.


I’ve been putting off mentioning drivel until I actually got a chance to try it out, but it hasn’t happened and it’s taking very little to get me spinning out about what kind of pace I’m going to have to sustain with studying this semester. A no-breaks 4 month dash for the finish.

Anyway — it’d be fun to be the dian fossey of webloggen by working my way into the strange and mysterious realm of livejournal — getting them to accept me, acting like them until they started to forget I was there et cetra. For those not in the know, it’s a free, hosted service similar to Blogger’s blogspot setup, except (and I didn’t know this bit) that to join up to LJ, you have to have an existing member ‘recommend’ you. (There’s also an option to pay to join.) I haven’t had the time to gain the trust of one of these inhabitants. Just wanted to see what the interface was like.
And that’s where Drivel comes in – it would be like the ‘word-processing’ window bit (or front-end) to the livejournal account. There’s versions for windows and Linux on the souceforge page pointed to above. The first time I saw it was as part of Dropline Gnome and I was wondering how many Slackware + Gnome nerdy hacking types would be into using LiveJournal since most users seem to be on about breakfast and boyfriends (like so) — but the Livejournal software is open source, so there ya go.


url: http://pixelkitty.net
date: 2003-08-01-07-27
I have an LJ account, so I guess I could recommend you to get you in, if you like? havent used it in a long long time though.

yak sox
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2003-08-01-07-42
Why that’d be neat, thanks.

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