surprise chef revisited

There’s a tv show starting tonight that has prompted me to finally write this entry. It’s a hammed-up cooking show, something I heartily endorse.

I’m de-indexing the surprise chef piece. Perhaps it was a bit harsh. It’s made its point. I happened to catch 10 minutes of a show a few months back, and noticed that they’d taken on some of my suggestions of hamming it up a bit. Aristos did the same joke 4 times in the same episode, which is great because I like the number 4. Anyway, i harbour no ill will towards the surprise chef. There was a more broader point to it, effected by the fact that countless people clicked through to the page. Let this be a lesson, TV networks – you and your shows can be got at. All it takes is one lone nut with a web page and a well targeted < title >.

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