He just wanted us to call him captain da

Somedays I have these moments where it feels like the best thing to do is pack it all up and head back to mars. My social interaction muscle is severely atrophied and getting back to a more healthy state produces some weird results, particularly when i been staying up too late watching men on bycycles.
I came across that quote about the internet again recently – something like “the internet is a tool whereby individuals who have lives are able to benefit from those who haven’t”. The coin seemed to drop this time, and damn yes — it’s true — those bastards!
Of course now I feel obligated to populate as much virtual space as possible with misleading info, half-truths and infinite Kaos.. Ah-ha-uh-ha-ha-ha-HAHAHAHAHAaaaa!

President Arroyo and Chairman Kaga: the same person???

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