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I mentioned Amon Tobin a week and a bit back. He’s on the NinjaTune record label, and at their site there’s a couple of Tobin tracks for download (on a different site here – on the discography page, down near the bottom: ‘Verbal’ featuring MC Decimal R and a remix of ‘people like Frank (except they spelled it franck) by some French dude) plus a whole bunch of other neat stuff like wallpapers, .mpegs, videos and screensavers — of other artists on the label too.

I found out which is the nation of Boom-Cha! – it’s Italy. They play it at the Formula One when the driver is driving a Ferrari because of the Italian connection.

Sad to see Jan Ullrich have a stack earlier this evening on the tour de france highlights. I was thinking, very few people can relate to smashing up a racing car (or perhaps a few more – smashing up their own car at speed) but nearly everyone can relate to coming a cropper on a pushbike.

Jon Harsem
date: 2003-07-27-18-37
I am from the relaive region were the Tour De France should make me wanna watch it but somehow it doesn’t appeal to me. I dunno why .. it’s curious in fact. You’re probably right about stacking it on the bike… except of course there aren’t usually 20 people running over your you afterwards ..

yak sox
date: 2003-07-27-19-07
True. I haven’t had a bingle at 60km/h either, which isn’t rare for them.
Those pile ups looked nasty. Motor-bikes move a lot faster, but they have leather too..

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