Alright. I was going to do a bit of schtick titled ‘Night of the Living Hussein Boys’ but eating dinner always diminishes mania. I still think it’s worth saying that it’s really disappointing how much of the media and so called leaders are saying, ‘golly it’s a damn good thing those two are dead’, and how few people are saying, ‘it’s a shame that killing them was the best solution we could come up with’. Regardless of how much bad stuff they did at the end of the day they were still people.
Gee, it’s been a while since I got political.
When The Man whispered in california’s ear, “Just remember, it’s all just a circus sideshow y’know” regarding parliamentary politics — california took it literally and decided that Schwarzenegger was the perfect ring-leader since John Wayne was no longer available.
I’m waiting for the movie where he is angered by the (by then) federal democrat (D) congress, shows up glazed muscles and a touch of blood. “OVER-REGULATE THIS, ASSHOLES!” pow-pow-pow-pow-peeeoWW!

These shoes got me wondering why the idea of making shoes with springs attached to the bottom hasn’t progessed at all. Of course there’d only be certain situations where they’d be useful but they’d get you there in half the time with half the effort.

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