our concepts of oxness differ bigtime

The transition from hols to sem. 2 reminds me of those games – Donkey kong maybe – where I’ve completed a hella-difficult level and am taking a breather and Wham! straight back into it, and on this level – 10 or whatever, there’s no screwing around — it’s just straght into the insane fray. Sometimes I’m primed for it, others I wonder why the heck I bother to play such stress-inducing games. Sem 2 is level 10.
In fact I think I’ll just post the titles of entries here and then get back around to filling the rest in, in 4 months time.

For a month or two I’ve been having delusions of grandeur about famous people visiting this site. Seriously. If I hear anyone on the radio or telly use an expression that I’ve used here sometime in the last 12 months then I automatically think, ‘Ohh, they must be reading my weblog.’ I wonder if there’s some kind of medication that’ll fix this…

I’m officially sick of Blogshares. It was fun for about five days then I realised that I’ve got my head in the clouds enough as it is without spending time online accruing imaginary money. Besides, it wasn’t all that challenging.

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