country mouse visits the city

It’s been ages since I went to Melbourne to walk around. I haven’t had the need or desire to. So there was plenty to gawk at starting with Australian Centre for the Moving Image – which is a pretty neat place. We need more of them and less blackhawk helicopters. At least we got one. Probably not a lot of point attempting to explain the current exhibits, but there was one set up as a 6 minute quicktime file (the only one that was on a computer, the rest were on tellies or wall projectors) done by this taiwanese guy in new york – he took a still shot of himself in the same place every hour for a whole fucken year.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned how I can hear the townhall clock from here, but one night at two or three i though _What If_ there was a little man in the clock and he donged it every hour and he’d have to wake up every hour of the night to do that. I thought about that when i saw this new york guy. All the images were stuck together so it was like one of those flick books. Was amazing to see the variations in hair length and everything except for this very basic set of elements of eyes, nose and mouth. It was like looking at the soul – the bit that doesn’t change.
The thing was fuly documented for authenticity and there was maybe 20 times when he took the pic. late or missed it or whatever, which is pretty good going for 365×24=8760.

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