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Everyone will be familiar with situations where words just don’t cut it in expressing a feeling. Perhaps some people more than others, but hey that’s another entry.
This is why emoticons were invented. Because this lack of how to say somting is impounded by being on the net. I’m not knocking emoticons, yet I didn’t feel right using standard pre-fab sets. We here at spouting are interested in pushing envelope. Always wanting more. And want to give more back. So we present to you:

Kimi RaikkonenIcon! set: spanning the almost infinite spectrum of human emotions —

<%image(20040109-kimiraikkonIcon.png|20|26|happy)%> = :happy:
<%image(20040109-kimiraikkonIcon.png|20|26|sad)%> = 🙁
<%image(20040109-kimiraikkonIcon.png|20|26|pensive)%> = :pensive:
<%image(20040109-kimiraikkonIcon.png|20|26|pensive about superannuation)%> = :pensive about not having enough super:
<%image(20040109-kimiraikkonIcon.png|20|26|excited)%> = :excited:
<%image(20040109-kimiraikkonIcon.png|20|26|excited by popcorn)%> = :excited about popcorn:

The full set of Kimi RaikonenIcon! can be downloaded here.

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