like regular chickens

I bought Amon Tobin’s album ‘Permutation’ yesterday. A review and pikkachure of the cover here. I had already d/loaded most of the tracks from the file sharers, but think that the music swings so good that its creator deserves some of my money even though I don’t have much. Gosh I’m admirable. It’s always a bit of a bleed to have to pay an extra 5, 10 or sometimes 15 bucks on top of the usual thirty because the CD has been imported but that’s what you get for living in a country of relatively small populace.

How I’m getting my jollies today: Standing back a bit and throwing cutlery into sink making tremendous splash.

The season’s battle for the lozenge dollar has kicked into high gear. Allens launched with their Butter Menthols television commercial (in the biz they say TVC) which I like for its use of light and colour and the girl in the coat is adorable. Vicks vapor drops just hit back with a new ad. that’s rather clever: a man and a woman sit on a park bench, she kisses him deeply and he passes out and falls over. Cut to a graphic, “Blocked Nose?”. I like it.

Update: This is happening too much lately – I go to write an entry then forget to add the main point of the thing.
So which lozenge would I buy? None. Those things are just lollies.

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