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What’s the deal with courgette over zuccini? Why is ‘zuccini’ no good and un-hip to say anymore? hhmm.

I realised what one of my problems with following recipes is this evening : measurements. I don’t have any measuring implements and my guestimates are wildly inaccurate.

I watched the first double kicker episode of ‘Andromeda’ (from the makers of star trek) the other night. It’s good ja. At first I was thinking it was like MacGuyver meets Farscape, but then i realised the lead actor was Kevin Sorbo, who was Hercules in that tv series a few years back. Make fun of me if you will, but I thought that series was okay, and he (along with a whole bunch of other things) is exactly what Star Trek needed. Things like getting rid of absolutely everything that’s ever been in or connected with every other carnation of ST. I think Andromeda is scheduled to start airing on channel nine in 2009.

Unfortunately the RSS feed for here is malformed at the moment but i’m asking the people what must be done.


date: 2003-07-18-04-56
Bloody Jamie Oliver and all these other pom chefs, that’s who. I think I was going to get around to the zucchini/courgette thing myself, having written something up as a draft but I don’t think I actually put it online. I believe Australians say zucchini because it was Italian and Greek migrants who first popularised the vegetable here. Goes well with the trad meat and three veg, tho’.

yak sox
date: 2003-07-18-05-08
Yeh – I had to look it up but found the Italian bit interesting. From a more objective point of view, the italians and their words are just as sexy and cosmopolitan as the French. But perhaps it’s the fact that a whole bunch of them migrated here last century that maybe faded the mystique.
Yet it’d be the other way ’round if a bunch of dirty frenchies had come instead.

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