why I like pivot better than blosxom

I realise it’s disturbing to show up here and see things shifting around so much but I promise this is the end of it.
This is the first beta of the the 1.0 Pivot release. It werks very nice.
It all looks a bit stubby so far because it hasn’t filled itself out on the index page here. It has all the neat-oh trendy webloggen features like ‘recent comments’ and a sublog — that’s right — say hello to Fabulog! which will say other stuff, but whether or not it differs much from the usual remains to be seen. I haven’t located a thingo to do trackbacks from specific entries, but I guess that if MT users are really interested in getting trackbacks then they’ll have that bit turned on to automatically receive them.

I think it’s easier to start (or restart) with a system like this, and rip the bits out that aren’t needed rather than start with someting like Blosxom and attempt to add stuff in.
I know I raved on about blosxom for ages. It was just one of those things that no amount of mucking around really gave a proper indication of what it was like to use for real. I still like it but think it’d be better suited to a situation where you were serving up your website right from your local machine, so that posting entries was as simple as writing it and sticking it in a folder. Or, a situation where the writer intended to maintain a ‘distance’ from potential readers (ie. no interest in comments or trackback or any of that jazz = no bells n’ whistles) … perhaps like a poetry-log or something.

Also, I get the feeling that the RSS.XML feed might be a bit better formed in Pivot which is is good for the CORE feed and the long-suffering SirFlakey. :^)

Pivot caters for the chumpster-blogger too. It has a decent assortment of emoticons, an image upload thing like MT, and a pull-down box in the entry-writing bit that lets you write in colour. There other pull-downs for other formatting things also.

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