Tea-brown! tea-brown!

The shower scene from Psycho is fairly well known, but ‘ave a geeze at the the shower scene from Virulent Memes heh heh. Ah dang – I go to get the permalink address and find the psycho bit’s already been done.
But actually I think my rant-request was a bit wayward – it’s not radio national that’s the problem — it’s that souless scourge called ‘modern australian literature’ which squawks at me out of the radio on a sunday morning. Endless lists of dumb plants nobody’s ever heard the names of let alone can visualise, and a bigtime overuse of the expression, “tea-brown” — that’s all it is. It has no heart. It’s like the fashion victims of the writing and storytelling world. Fat black glasses frames and thongs + jeans – Clonage.

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