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Last March a significant but little mentioned statistic clicked over into being. That of — there are now more copies of National Geographic magazine in existence on Earth than there are people. Uh huh.

Why is this? Nat. Geo. is a much more solidly bound magazine than what stands near it on the news-stand, it’s glossy and it has fotos of stuff. Not just any stuff either but stuff like signs made out of corn cobs that read ‘Iowa’ by old men, in Iowa.

Humans are loath to throw out the mag. because of these high quality stuff-fotos and even when they do the yellow-spined piles are salvaged by the junkmen and junkwomen. They keep the things circulating by selling them from junk depots and op-shops for 50 cents each. Other humans, undoubtedly captivated by the fotos, take them into their homes and the circle continues.

<%image(20041117-pariscafe.jpg|273|207|paris streatham)%>

I regret to say that on one occasion I helped to keep this cycle going. At some point I realised what was happening and chopped the magazines up and chucked the husks. But not before learning something — in Paris some people take their cats to the cafe with them.

Happy Bastille day ya freaks.

-* favourite phrase for the day: “something crawled up me and died”.

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