Tour de France! Tour de France!

The hell of Northern Paris – Roubaix
The Cote d’Azur and Saint Tropez
The Alps and the Pyrenees
Last stage Champs-Elysees
Galibier and Tourmalet (2 mountains)
Dancing even on the top
Bicycling at high gear
Final sprint at the finish
Flat tire on the paving-stones
The bicycle is repaired quickly
The peloton is regrouped
Comrades and friendship

With the above lyrics you can even sing along to it! Provided you know french, but the chorus is pretty straight forward, and actually so is the most of the rest. You just schlap on some of that ‘uh-hor-hor-hor’ accent and voila.
It’s pretty cool to see so few australians doing so well, so far.

Usually by the time this comes around i sit here and look at the french countryside and sunshine and think ‘ooo it’d be nice to be there’, and still do a little bit, but it’s not as if it’s all that cold or dark here considering we’re roughly a month off the middle of winter. Makes me wonder how dry summer might be.
Another good way to watch ‘le’ tour is with the sound down with some kickin’ 808-driven doof, like Dr.Walker’s stuff. The vision from the back of the motorbikes, right on the riders looks awesome.

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