Fogtown + weblog pragmatism

Due to it being hols and me having a bit of excess energy I’ve been getting out for walks more often and yesterday (ie. friday) was drawn to the bay by that chestnut of a sound — the ship’s foghorn. I could hear it from HQ here. It’s rare that it gets this foggy.


This setting up blosxom stuff is more work than I thought it’d be, it really is ‘roll your own’. I am continually perplexed as to why certain vital steps are left out of install or configure instructions for bits of it that I’m attempting to make work. Peer support happens via a Yahoo! mailing list, which, after using forums I find horribly unweildy. No matter — it will be worked out eventually.
However, for people in a similar situation as I – of wanting to fulfil a lifelong dream of making a living from retailing tinfoil headgear from their weblog (withoout paying license fees) — should take a look at Pivot. It’s GNU GPL and just about to bump up to a new version number with some heavy-duty improvements. It’s good to read that they’re actually thinking about each of these new mechanisms popping up (like trackback) with regards to inclusion or not based on thinking about how useful these things really are, rather than slavishly and automatically including everything.

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