“Learn From the Experience of Others and Develop New Mountain Areas”

Sure the Chinese Maoist Cultural Revolution had some low points, but it also produced some pretty good fun art.

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“Women Can Hold up Half the Sky; Surely the Face of Nature Can Be Transformed”

Several years ago at the local annual multi-cultural festival I was looking through the Chinese-Australian Association stall and came across a bunch of these posters. “Sick!” I exclaimed with glee and asked how much they were. The old woman kind of looked embarrassed like she was wondering why they brought them to the stall and said 30cents each. I grabbed one of each and some of them are still blu-tacked up on the wall here now. Part of one was scanned and cropped for the storytime banner.
I found a whole bunch more of them here. There’s no overlap between those online (original size unspecified) and what I bought (a tad under A3 in size). The titles are probably even funner than the actual pictures. I like art that has a propaganda kind of ‘purpose’, and looking from a Western individualistic perspective its amazing to see so much creative output with no single person’s name attached.

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