nationalism and cymbalism

Y’know now that I’ve cut with the cigs, watching car racing has taken over as my no.1 form of cognitive dissonance. I like to watch, but I dis the companies that provide funding — evil bastards like Eli Lily and Shell.

At the end of the Formula One races they play the national anthem of the winning driver. The German anthem has become rather familiar, but was always fairly easy to pick due to it sounding suitably german.
Halfway through it fades into something that sounds suspiciously like Advance Autralia Fair. I was assuming that this was the anthem of the 2nd placed driver, because it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s ‘borrowing’ in the anthem scene in the same way that hacks like John Williams rip chunks out of centuries worth of classical music then slide it into film scores. Who’d actually listen to classical music that closely to notice? A perfect crime.

I’m starting to think that it is adv. aust. fair and someone (the tv station maybe) is inserting it over the second half of the german (or whoever’s country won) anthem. Which is an odd thing to do.
A while back I heard this jiggy number that ended with a wonderful BOOM-CHA! BOOM-CHA! of bass-drum and crash cymbal. I was guessing that it was either Brazil or Columbia, but it seems that I’m wrong again. has downloads available in .mp3 format and eventhough it says there’s a max d/load of 3 per day you can actually get 6 if your desperate, and who isn’t? I think some of them aren’t full versions though — Finland has gotta have more than 35 seconds worth of musical national pride. I didn’t find the land of BOOM-CHA! today but there’s always tomorrow. Mexico’s has cymbals and a fun, dramatic sound. Olé!

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