“Learn From the Experience of Others and Develop New Mountain Areas”

Sure the Chinese Maoist Cultural Revolution had some low points, but it also produced some pretty good fun art.

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“Women Can Hold up Half the Sky; Surely the Face of Nature Can Be Transformed”

Several years ago at the local annual multi-cultural festival I was looking through the Chinese-Australian Association stall and came across a bunch of these posters. “Sick!” I exclaimed with glee and asked how much they were. The old woman kind of looked embarrassed like she was wondering why they brought them to the stall and said 30cents each. I grabbed one of each and some of them are still blu-tacked up on the wall here now. Part of one was scanned and cropped for the storytime banner.
I found a whole bunch more of them here. There’s no overlap between those online (original size unspecified) and what I bought (a tad under A3 in size). The titles are probably even funner than the actual pictures. I like art that has a propaganda kind of ‘purpose’, and looking from a Western individualistic perspective its amazing to see so much creative output with no single person’s name attached.

nationalism and cymbalism

Y’know now that I’ve cut with the cigs, watching car racing has taken over as my no.1 form of cognitive dissonance. I like to watch, but I dis the companies that provide funding — evil bastards like Eli Lily and Shell.

At the end of the Formula One races they play the national anthem of the winning driver. The German anthem has become rather familiar, but was always fairly easy to pick due to it sounding suitably german.
Halfway through it fades into something that sounds suspiciously like Advance Autralia Fair. I was assuming that this was the anthem of the 2nd placed driver, because it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s ‘borrowing’ in the anthem scene in the same way that hacks like John Williams rip chunks out of centuries worth of classical music then slide it into film scores. Who’d actually listen to classical music that closely to notice? A perfect crime.

I’m starting to think that it is adv. aust. fair and someone (the tv station maybe) is inserting it over the second half of the german (or whoever’s country won) anthem. Which is an odd thing to do.
A while back I heard this jiggy number that ended with a wonderful BOOM-CHA! BOOM-CHA! of bass-drum and crash cymbal. I was guessing that it was either Brazil or Columbia, but it seems that I’m wrong again.
National-anthems.net has downloads available in .mp3 format and eventhough it says there’s a max d/load of 3 per day you can actually get 6 if your desperate, and who isn’t? I think some of them aren’t full versions though — Finland has gotta have more than 35 seconds worth of musical national pride. I didn’t find the land of BOOM-CHA! today but there’s always tomorrow. Mexico’s has cymbals and a fun, dramatic sound. Olé!


I feel like I’m running out of material here. There’s only so much one can say about television or old movies before it becomes monotonous. I’d like to squeeze out something that didn’t have so many sentences with ‘I’ in. I have to go back to the institution in a week or so. Maybe something will happen there. I still haven’t made it to the zoo yet but intend to next week.

oversized italian sausage

May 29, 1972. I must get in shape. Too much sitting has ruined my body.
Twenty-five push-ups each morning, one hundred sit-ups, one hundred
knee-bends. I have quit smoking.
Travis, still bareback, passes his stiff arm through the flame of a gas
burner without flinching a muscle.
Total organization is necessary. Every muscle must be tight.”

And by that i mean i’ve started doing push ups (about a month ago) but will probably hold off on the ‘arm over the stove’ bit.
That’s a clever thing to admit huh? That my inspiration for getting fit is a psycho-vigilante freak.
Push ups have given me a very mild form of man-bosom, which is something of a novelty because i’ve never been an upper-body strength type of person (ah, except for a little bit when i was working as a SuperMarioBrother). When the fight or flight question was put to me by life i always chose flight, and so got good at running very quickly away.
I just can’t get this sentence shit together tonight!

This is the kick-off of the blosxom driven weblog. There’s still a few plugins I’d like to get working but for the most part things are functional.
I still can’t figure out how to make it look like the visitor is at spouting.net instead of spouting.net/index.cgi. I left the old syndication feed sitting as is so it doesn’t mess up the CORE front page, but the link to the new index.rss is down there on the left.
Last night sbs world sport wrapped up with some snippets from the special olympics – I didn’t realise it was on. i wish one of the stations would broadcast it, that’d be ace!
I wonder if there’s some committee that borderline cases have to rock up to….?
“We’re sorry sir, you’re just not spazbo enough. You’d have an unfair advantage over the other competitors”.
“But look at my shoe laces!”

Here’s some constructive criticism on that aussie blogs web page. i don’t like the image — firstly it’s too sydney-centric. It’s always been like that and it’s exclusionist. I’m not a whiney Melbournite. If there has to be a landmark then why not use the rock? There’s no webloggers out there – it’s neutral territory.
But I think a cue could be taken from the tourismo industry a la the whole ‘more than a destination, an experience’ propaganda. Landmarks are dead. We know who we are, and I’m fairly confident that the inclusion of the word ‘Australian’ in the main heading would tip off most international web visitors on what the page’s origin is. i think there should be a series of rotational images such as a bundle of fish n’ chips that’s just been opened, a beach scene, a cafe scene etc. Maybe a waterfall in tassie, a cockatoo in mid-flight. That kind of stuff works for me because it’s not like a sledge hammer.
And what’s with the “V2.0”?? — that’s so 1999.