knew Burger King when he was still a prince

Finally got around to snipping up some red tape that’d been dangling around for the last six months. I never officially got me a diploma for the writing course because of doing it across two institutions. Since the time I finished it at the place in geelong they moved the department to another campus, so I went voyaging out there.
I’d forgotten how much of a suburban wasteland the east side of town is. I’m glad i don’t live out there. Not that the west here is hoity-toity, but at least it’s got character. We have our own town hall with clock. [note to self: take foto of clock] I can hear it dong from outside, or late at night in bed.

I got writebacks workiing on Blosxom – hooray! I have to make this change over of systems. I go on about open source stuff too much to be not using it in a practical sense on the site.
Actually, i don’t go on about it much — but I’m thinking about it.
I had a subscription to the australian PC World magazine this last year and its just run out, which is fine by me because it was becoming less and less relevant. There’s only so many articles a fella about how to cut the amount of spam your windows machine is getting, particularly when he’s not using windows. And hardware reviews don’t interest me much either now. As a magazine it’s aimed at a certain level of computer proficiency and for sales reasons it makes sense for them to stay static at that level.
On the other hand, I’ve had a couple of looks at Linux Format magazine – about 90% of it is relevant (PC world was down to about 10%). It’s a bit more expensive, but the stuff that’s on the CDs (or DVD) makes it worth it.
Things such as the little gem of an application, Junkie – a graphical FTP client – with a difference. Along with the normal functionality of moving your files to and from places, it comes with a whole bunch of “yo momma”


jokes such as ‘yo momma so ugly that BigFoot takes pictures of her!’, and if that’s not your cuppa tea, there’s pictures of kittens too. Classy.

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