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That was the first time I’ve watched Eurovision. What a hoot! Maybe it’s just where my head’s at after dissecting ‘Hollywood realism’ cinematic conventions but it was really refreshing to see something that Hollyweird hasn’t got its hooks sunk into. There were lots of things that had me cackling at the unexpected nature of it all.
Highllights for me were – the Latvian guy who delivered the Latvian votes – something very funny about his look. I liked the Estonian song – interesting sense of revisionism they got going there. Kind of reminded me of the ‘Simon & Simon’ tv show theme – which is odd, because I can’t remember what that sounded like at all.
Then overall, the hosts did a good job – this is what I mean – the US imperialismo entertainment machine doesn’t seem capable of producing personalities who are both attractive and able to think for themselves. I don’t know the technical side of eurovision, but it looked pretty damn live to me (as evidenced by that one country that muffed up their votes (that’s the kind of thing ‘The Machine’ would’ve mandatorily pre-inserted a ten minute delay to iron out)) and they did really well on the fly.
I liked the clay-mation style graphics. Someone should make a DeskTop Environment GUI theme liike that. Nice kind of organic touch. And that was the general thing of it I liked – there were those culturally and aesthetically speaking, mutie genes that’ve been bred out of hollyweird. Things like a predisposition for really bright hair dye (and a few noses; splendorous in their natural form). Heh heh – just before Mangan mentioned the red hair I was thinking it too – what’s with all the hair dye?
The diversity was great and there was a good vibe about it all – they all appeared to really excited to be part of it.
The voting system was a bit of a spin-out. It’s more complex than what we use here to elect parliament!
I was secretly going for the Russian girls. S’pose I’m a sucker for controversy, and the song was okay too – me being an electro-head and all. But the Belgian song was good too – an interesting tac. to use a made up language (although it reminded me of some kind of African, and a bit ‘Deep Forestish’) in a situation where language plays a strange role. The Turkish song was pretty catchy for a pop song too – good on ’em.
Where was Italy, Switzerland and Finland?
I thought some of the regional favouritism was funny. Sweden gave top votes to Norway, Norway to Iceland, Portugal to Spain, UK to Ireland– and UK getting a big round *0* from everybody.
Graham has some to say about it all, as does Cora (on Sunday, May 25, 2003 entry – can’t get a permalink) who’s been watching it for a long time.
PS. Oh yeah, Denmark was noticably absent too.

name: Jay
url: www.mowabi.com
date: 2003-05-26-10-31
Damnit! I was meaning to watch that..

Saw the advertisments and thought it would be hilarious.. Was it long? And who won?

name: Monkey
url: iamthemonkey.com/blog/
date: 2003-05-26-10-45
heh, I fell asleep right after the singing stopped and those awful hosts started talking. What was with all the white pants? There is NO reason for white pants. Ever.

I hear Turkey won.

name: yak sox
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2003-05-26-10-46
It’s being repeated on SBS next saturday or Sunday because some people prefer the English commentary. Turkey won. It was about three hours – no ad. breaks – but it went pretty quick.

name: Jon
url: www.core.org.au
date: 2003-05-26-11-10
Being of partially norwegian – I can say that the swedes givin the norwegians a high score is unusual =) It’d be like the Kiwis congratulating the Aussies on a well played rugby world cup =).

name: yak sox
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2003-05-26-17-37
Yeah, but isn’t most of that kind of thing constructed by the media? It’s like the melbourne v. sydney rivalry thing :^)

name: robert
email: orangecat@urban.net.au
url: felineboy.blogspot.com
date: 2003-05-26-18-25
hi, thanks for dropping by my page.
“little green men” was actually the season 2 premiere, in which mulder goes to the arecibo satellite dish and has a “visitation”, and scully comes to get him out. the x-files are still closed at that point.
“pusher” was a good episode, and had a sequel later on in the series, with some japanese title i can’t remember,

name: Cora
email: cora@corabuhlert.com
url: www.corabuhlert.com
date: 2003-05-27-11-11
Nice to know that the Eurovision Song Contest is even broadcast in your part of the world.

Regarding your questions, yes, the whole event is broadcast live including bloopers (such as the Bosnian woman messing up the votes) et al. There were even funnier ones in past years, e.g. the host losing her skirt on stage or the winner dropping the trophy and breaking it.

Latvia certainly doesn’t need the US entertainment industry to produce celebrities. It’s one of the most musical countries I’ve ever seen.

I agree that the Estonian song was pretty good, though I wonder just why they’s want to go back to the 80s, as Estonia was still part of the USSR back then and not very happy about it. And I doubt that they had Simon & Simon on TV.

Finland, Denmark, Luxemburg etc… were absent because they did too badly in last year’s contest. There are about 40 countries in Eurovision and only 26 slots, so whoever ends up in the last few places misses out the following year. The only exception are the largest countries (Germany, Spain, France, UK) who are allowed to take part no matter what. This is what saved Germany this year (we finished in third last place in 2002) and will save the UK in 2004.

The political voting has actually declined since they introduced telephone voting, it was much worse in the old days. However, there usually is a trend towards neighbouring countries. And Turkey always tends to get a lot of points from Germany, because we have a large Turkish minority.

name: yak sox
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2003-05-27-13-42
Hey robert, I remembered this morning on the toilet that “Killswitch” was another of my faves. The Stephen King one was a bit weak, but it was a great idea to get guest writers in to do episodes.

Cora – that’s a good point about Estonia and the Iron Curtain – I didn’t think of that. The TV station that aired it here had a ring-in poll too and Croatia won by heaps, which might say something about where a lot of folks are from. But then again, there’s a decent sized Greek community here also, but maybe they weren’t watching TV.

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