a little dog named snuckles

Via the o’reallys weblogs, is this illegal art exhibit site. The EULA is funny and the rest is dead interesting. Particularly this Negativeland cover on the visuals page. The guy from Negativeland was on RRR once and he played a couple of versions of the track and this longer thing that had a lot of Casey Kasem out-takes (I’d say it was one of those ‘don’t piss off your sound engineer because they have access to everything you’ve ever said in the studio’ type situations.) where he goes ballistic abusing people, swearing and really paying out on U2 – it’s really funny. I taped it and it’s one of those things that I’d dearly like to digitise because eventhough it’s only a tape of radio – there’s like only 15 copies of the single australia and maybe the world.
The stuff on the audio page is interesting too.

Got my 4000 word visual texts assignment finished today. Thank goodness for that.

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