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I watched Deliverance on vid last night. Golly it was a bit full on. I don’t think I’ll be able to hear ‘duellin’ banjos’ in the same old way ever again. And how’s about this freaky little ‘billy– crikey! Good movie though – reminded me that violent scenes when done ‘well’ and sufficiently spaced apart can still be disturbing. I thought i’d been desensitised or something. Kind of unexpectedly grizzly like that – at times I was thinking, ‘gee, maybe I should’ve got Desperately Seeking Susan afterall. It’s supposed to big on the pomo front.
What I liked about it: Jon Voight, the weird lookin’ kid with the banjo.
What I didn’t like about it: the weird lookin’ kid withh the banjo.
More plot detail here.

Been having another fiddle around with Blosxom today (link: below, right). I must be sadistic – it’s rather frustrating. I think its author may be under the impression that humans are psychic and therefore quarter of a ‘howto’ install is more than sufficient. If I ever get it working to a point where it could functionally take over from mt, then I swear i will write some instructions for chumps here.
RevJim has a method of moving MT entries to blosxom including comments. Looks challenging, but I’m glad someone figured it out.

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