everything’s just great

Something I’ve been meaning to get for a long time is a ‘3.5mm stereo plug to 3.5mm stereo plug’, or as i termed it to the sales dude, ‘it’s like a little headphone jack at one end, and it’s like that at the other end too’. I got one. It’s stuck between the datamachine sound card and the beat box and now I can hear all the mp3s with a bit more bass. It’s pretty sweet. There’s a couple of tracks that the computer speakers were slaughtering because most of the sound is deep down. The only minus is that it’s only coming out in mono, so now there’s some tracks where people would sing loudly, but now they’re a long way off.
It’d be great if all the audio devices were all linked up – the record player, and especially if I could get the flow the other way so that stuff I’ve got on tape could be ripped into some format on das machine.

Back here I mentioned this film, tout va bien that I was trying to track down for an assignment – the uni library people say their copy is missing in action, and there’s no chance that the rental shops in this town would have it, so I checked the local public library. They didn’t have it either, but they did have a Tin-Tin book by the same name – so I reviewed that for school.

Telstra customer service rang me yesterday to see how I was doing, and if they could make life easier for me. They do it every couple of months. I think next time they do, I’ll action the recently invented (by my brain) concept of reverse crank-calling them. I was cackling for half an hour thinking about what I could say to them. Will have to tape it and upload it to here, once I’ve got my grand unified audio system set up.

Excitement machine say June Cash died the other day. :^(
She’s one of those people who I’m sure deserves credit for a hell of a lot more than she currently gets. That’s it. I’m going to Jackson.

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